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What Really Happens When There Is Too Much Blood Sugar in Your Cells As A Diabetic…

Nonso Just Turned 52 Two Days Ago…
…and now his sex drive is lost, limbs rendered useless, energy levels eaten up and hundreds of thousands spent trying to keep alive.

Warning: A cautionary tale on why sugar is your greatest enemy as a diabetic and how best to keep it below 5 kg per year – if you ever want to live long!

True Story:

Dear friend,

At first his left leg would just “fall asleep.”

It was just a small irritating pain that felt like needle pins.

…so he didn’t really worry about it.


When his other leg began changing from yellow to dark black – he concluded it was the sign of old age

Imagine at the age of 52 – 🤨

Little did he know that…

His body cells were dying at a speed his insulin injections could not keep up with.

A few months later, Nonso couldn’t get both legs to stay warm again. 

Worst still…

His toes felt cold and the skin turned pale with the wounds on them taking forever to heal. 

Then the day before his 52 birthday, he woke up and couldn’t feel his legs at all even though they were on the ground.

At first…

Everyone thought it was diabolical – as Africans you know 😀

But as we later realized…

It was just the early sign of stroke – which the poor circulation of blood in his body had caused.

You see…

For someone who had spent a lot of money on insulin injections.

Avoided lots of food.

Spent so much on medications.

Pierced his body every day for almost 10 years.

Had little to no energy for sex…

This was the heaviest shock of his entire 52 years of existence.

He couldn’t just believe it.

Now the question is…

Do you see what went wrong with Nonso?

From the early signs of poor blood circulation…to the ignored nueropathy…cold feet…black toes…slow wound healing and even the…

Low sex drive, soft erections, sluggish energy levels, forgetfullness and even poor eyesights.

And just like him…

Are you also ignoring these same signs?


“Oh my insulin shots got me covered.”


I am proud of the fact that you have lived this far with these condition.

I am happy that you continue to strive.

Even in a government and country that doesn’t care.

You see…

Most people around you might not know exactly how you feel.

But I do…

I do because I know having diabetes is mentally draining.

A lot of appointmens to meet.

Loads of medications to take.

Countless (piercings) blood sugar levels to measure.

Mood swings and the depressions you hide.

Anger and frustrations that crawl up in your soul.


The loads of money you now spend to just continue living…

Money that could have been channled into getting a new car or finishing a building project.

To say I don’t admire your resilience would be a lie.

Let’s be honest…

Diabetes is a dangerous disease to have.

It is something you don’t even wish on your worst enemy.

Because the truth is with diabetes…

It is either you are extra careful or you risk it killing you slowly and painfully.

Again with diabetes…

There are greater chances it’ll leave you with either…

Stroke, blindness, heart disease, amputation, kidney failure or amputation..

It is not just easy…

Coupled with the fact that the government and most NGO’s focus on spending resources on cancer and the rest.

While often…neglecting diabetes.

When they know it is regarded as a ‘silent killer.’

And that’s why you should know this important thing that many doctors won’t tell you about your condition.

You see…

Most of them consider diabetes as ONLY the problem of insulin production and usage.

And that’s true to an extent.

But the problem with this argument is that…

It totally isolates FAT and SUGAR as active agents in your body.

Which is terrible considering the fact that…

99% of the food we eat today is made with unnatural sugar – what we call fructose (you can check your food labels to see this)

And the dangerous thing about fructose is that it is regarded as the the major cause of insulin dependency.


When you have diabetes, you have issue with what is called ‘the lacking key system.

This system is composed of insulin and glucose – that you consume through food you eat and manufacture through metabolism in the muscle cells.

So when you eat food and the food has glucose in it (in the form of sugar).

Your body through the insulin acts as an errand boy by grabbing and pushing it to your cell so that it can be used to produce energy to power:

Plus more…


The problem with the ‘lacking key system’ is that when these sugar doesn’t get to the cell muscles because your system is weak.

It enters the blood stream.

Thereby causing…

Elevated sugar levels which is responsible for…

And more…

Now the truth is…

You need energy to functionfuck, read, sleep, run, eat, pray, shit – everything.

So whenever you eat…

The food is broken into glucose (sugar) and introduced into the body cells by insulin in the body to help you function.

Much like what the carburetor does between the fuel and the engine.

Now, the body has a natural regulator.

So when the sugar is too much.

It signals to insulin cells to stop producing.

And start using the one it has.

And this is where the problem is…

(which is why a lot of people misdiagnose)


When the body can’t use the sugar you generate through food, it gets dumped into your blood as FAT.

But here’s the killer…

The more you have these blood in your body, the more your blood becomes thicker.

Thereby causing your kidney and blood vessels to strain and struggle to purify and push blood from your legs back to your heart…

Exacly the reason why Nonso’s legs swelled up.

So when most people treat diabetes they fail to understand 3 key things:

And most importantly….

Do this and you’d beat diabetes faster than a goat on heat 😀

Here’s Why;

Sugar is more addictive than cocaine.

You don’t know this…but food companies understand do..

And in a place like Nigeria with little to no regulations.

It means just about anyone can dump the level of it into anything they like…

To make you addicted to using them

And these things are in the common food you eat…

Plus a lot more…


Here’s why this is scary.

The average diabetic consumes a staggering amount 150 kg of sugar yearly without knowing.

Compare this our ancestors who only had about 5 kg of unrefined sugar.

You’ll begin to recognise why…

Food is the main reason why you are stuck.

And also why…

Most people hardly cross 100 – and this is for those with good genes or those who started cutting refined sugar from their food on time.

Make sense?

The thing is…

You have a real challenge.

One that you might not even be conscious of.

Because obviously, you are on insulin shots and that’s only what you know.

Let me tell you…

The ONLY reason why I have been able to help over 5,000 men and women in my diabetic programs across Nigeria, Africa and Europe is because I understand that…

You can literally eat yourself out of diabetes.

I am not joking.

It is that simple and requires nothing different than eating.

Take a moment and search for Okinawa, Japan.

This Island is regarded as the ‘place where people don’t die – from health complications.

Now the question is why:


Okinawan’s don’t consume more than 5 kg of sugar per year.

And you can see this in the number of people above 100 in their population who still cook, walk, exercise, fuck and enjoy life without any fear.

And I know you want this for yourself too, right?

Remember I said earlier that most people who treat diabetes don’t recognise the problem with FAT and SUGAR, right?


They may know how to treat insulin production and usage.

They may know SUGAR and FAT is there – but how to treat it what they don’t.

And the truth is…

If you can’t take care of where the insulin gets its first material.

What then are you treating?

Take a moment and think about that…

And while at it…ask yourself this question…

Do I want control of my life again or not?

Because life is beautiful.

Not just because of your family, your partner, your business and all that…


Life is beautiful because you are still telling your story.

And part of that story should tell of how you beat diabetes by simply eating.


And that’s the solution I offer with my Nivel-Mor Kit

Which by the grace of God, I have perfected over the last 5 years and have so far helped over 5,000 people with.

This simple solution is my completely safe and highly effective Fonio-Meal Pack…

That helps you enjoy your favorite soups while lowering your blood sugar at the same time.

A secret I don’t tell people…


Once in your hands and body.

It quickly helps you do the 3 most important things your body needs desperately to lower your blood sugar properly and in a record time.

Which is to…

Get RID of the excess sugar in your ENTIRE system, REGULATING and AIDING the production of INSULIN to match what the BODY NEEDS to function effectively.

With full usage…

It’ll help you:


You’ll finally end the struggle you have with worrying what you might do or not do that will trigger the terminal consequences.

You’ll have your life back and shame those who thought it is your end.

You’ll enjoy your life till it’s His time for you to return home 

…by which time you would have enjoyed the fruits of your labor here.

With my Fonio-Meal Pack… you do not have to peirce your skin or drink any bitter thing…

Just measure the quantity you want out of your fonio bag, make it with hot water and enjoy with either egusi, okro, banga, ora, ewedu or miyan taushe soups.

You don’t have to be near a doctor to do this.

…my system is that simple and easy to use.

Interesting, right?

It should be.

You have tried a lot of drugs, so why not try natural food?


When you invest into getting the  NivelMor Kit

You immediately get in your hands…

 Fonio Mill – A delicious gluten and grain-free low carb powder that combines the power of ‘acha’ and 5 special blend of natural herbal ingredients to help you enjoy every swallow with pride.

…without worrying about sugar while getting healed at the same time.

It is the best replacement for garri, semovita, wheat and the rest – which contain a ridiculous amount of sugar.

It is delicious which means you would love. 

It contains herbs which means it’ll heal you.

Good bargain. One price.

Nivelmor Tea – A delicious, caffeine-free herbal tea consumed before bedtime that works with your body’s chemistry to naturally kill and expel dangerous intestinal worms, their eggs, and other parasites out of your body each morning.

While at the same aiding your body to normalize insulin production.

If you order today, you will also get:

Power UP+ 

It’s not easy to stop enjoying the things that made you happy in the past.

Now you don’t have to.

Our Diabetes Snack Guide gives you ideas for ‘everyday’ snacks you can get and use to keep the heart happy and mouth wobbling.

Trust me…it is a lot.

A carefully concise guide that teaches you new sex hooks, signs, and signals to start enjoying mind-blowing sex encounters today with your partner even as you heal.

It contains our 5 Natural and Never Revealed Sex Techniques For People With Diabetes That Guarantees Cumming and Orgasm.

Trust me, it’s guaranteed.

It is not easy battling two things at the same time.

I understand this and that’s why we the HBP guide to help you navigate through.

Again, you get to have a…

That’s why you have a hotline: ………….dedicated to you alone

Call whenever you want…we’ll answer and help you.


Most people believe that…

A patient cured is a patient lost.

Well, I don’t…

It’s always my greatest joy when people report of increased libido, lower blood levels and energy in my support groups.

That’s why when you get my Fonio-Meal Pack today

You get to enjoy my…

Extraordinary “Money-Back” Guarantee + N5,000 Extra (if you feel we didn’t satisfy you)

Here’s my personal conviction:

I am sure you will love my Fonio-Mill Pack

Not because I have many results of people’s I’ve helped.


It is because I genuinely care.

That’s why if you try my solution and you don’t find it helpful.

I’ll personally apologize and refund you.

…no hard feelings and no stories.


Compare for a minute what I am giving you to the amount of money you have spent already…


It is your health we are talking about.

And I want you to be in charge – again.

That’s why…

For just N38,500.

You can start immediately.

Now N38,500 is our placeholder for now.

Broken down into 365 days will give you a little over N100. 

Per day, that’s more than what you spend on call cards alone.

Think about it…

Is your health going to be ‘just there’ when you can take advantage of this solution right away.

The decision is all yours to make.

Your life and that of everyone you love is dependent on it.

Whichever you chose…

You’ll be the one to bear it.

One more thing…

You can’t find this unique product anywhere in the market

And you can order now or later. 


The choice is entirely yours – I am not the one to tell you that you should live like  a normal human being.

To your best life, my friend.


Dr. Josephine Ovie

Lead Research IFT Diabetes College.

PS. I know you want to live again and not worry about the troubles of dying by no mistake of yours.

…and you shouldn’t.

You can live healthier and longer.

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PSS. No one should be made to suffer because something that can be reserved.

You should not, that’s why I am your biggest supporter.

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