Why Activating Your Genetic- Codon Is The Root-Science And Most Effective Method To Beating  Diabetes.

And In the Last 10 Months, This Method Of Diabetes Treatment…

Has Helped Over 3,000 Diabetics Across Africa And Europe Beat Diabetes In The Past 9 Months.

And if you’re just seeing this information today, then count yourself lucky.

Because in the next few minutes, I will show you how this discovery first used in 2016, can help you beat diabetes.

This information could possibly be that Missing Puzzle In Your Journey To Beating Diabetes And Going Back To Living A Normal Life Again.

But before I proceed, I know you may be asking…

Why Does My Sugar Level Keep Rising Even After Taking Series Of Medications?

You see,

A lot of people believe that the primary cause of their diabetes is sugar.

And this belief has led to most ‘QUACKS’ advising you to either stop eating food with carbohydrates, avoid fruits and cut sugar at all cost.


Sugar and unhealthy carbohydrates from things like cakes, semo, doughnuts, and soft drinks are indeed bad for you and SHOULD BE AVOIDED.

However, our bodies need healthy carbohydrates to function, which can be found in foods such as irish potatoes, Foniovita, carrots, apples, and other fruits.

Fact is…

When we eat carbohydrates (regardless of the source), our body breaks them down into glucose (blood sugar), which becomes the fuel that keeps us going—and keeps us alive.

When glucose levels rise, our pancreas secretes the hormone insulin.

Insulin helps usher glucose out of the bloodstream and into our cells where it can be used for energy and keeps our blood sugar levels stable.

However, this process can go wrong if the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin, or if some of your cells stop responding to insulin, which is called insulin resistance.

In either case, blood sugar levels remain elevated, putting you at risk for type 2 diabetes.

I hope this is clear?

Contrary to what you have been told, one factor that is much more likely to put you at risk for insulin resistance and increase your chances

For stroke, body breakdown and ultimately death…

…Is high-fat.

Let me explain…

High blood fat levels put a major strain on your liver, pancreas, and adrenal glands, which work together to manage your blood sugar levels.

Your liver has to shoulder the burden of processing the fat you eat, so a high-fat diet can make the liver sluggish and unable to store and release glucose as it should.

This excess fat now burdens your pancreas because it needs to release enzymes to aid fat digestion.

Additionally, when high blood fat levels, the adrenals flood the body with adrenaline.

While this increases digestive strength to help move fat through your system, excess adrenaline tears your pancreas

thereby reducing its ability to produce enough insulin to keep your glucose levels in check.


What you don’t know is that high blood fat levels can prevent glucose from entering cells.

And without the cells receiving enough glucose

You’ll start experiencing…

—Blurry vision


—Wounds that take ages to heal

—Low testosterone

—Tingling sensations, back pains

Weakness and frequent urination

…plus a lot more…

Now to beat diabetes naturally…

You need to gently ease the burden on your pancreas, liver, and adrenal glands.

By activating the body through your genetic codes (GC)

To see those FATS as toxins that need to be flushed out.

By flushing out the excess fat in your liver

Once this is done, your pancreas then needs enough nutrients to start the healing process on its own.

So it can be able to produce and use insulin properly like before.


A lot of people might understand how to trick the body to release toxins, it is an easy thing for any ‘trained’ alternative doctor.

But where the problem lies is that most of them don’t know how to create programs that are safe and easy for your GC to understand.

Remember, the problem is the FAT in the liver.

And trust me, you don’t want to mess up that process.

More so, since most of them believe it is the problem of sugar and that you should reduce how you take carbohydrates.

It becomes clear to see why no matter what you buy or use today, you will never get lasting results.


You can’t clear LIVER FAT without knowing how to.


I’ve overtime helped over 3,000 People in South Africa, UK, US, Nigeria and Ghana do this

And Mr Kennedy is one out of thousands.

There’s also Mr Michael a South African.

Or Mr Ademola, a Nigerian…

Apart from helping them with the safest way to beat diabetes and heal their pancreas,

I also showed them how to take in carbohydrates (safely) to gain nutrients their body lacks from severe denial.


The journey to beating diabetes is often alone

And if I can boast of anything, it is that I do know how to beat it (safely) without complications while also being there with my patients

…every step of the way.

—If you really want to live life without fear anymore.

—If you want to look back a few months from now and see how good your life has become and the good things you have been able to achieve

…because you have a life back in your hands, then listen…

In a few minutes I’ll show you…

The Exact 5 Simple Systems We Used That Helped These People Get- off The Complications of Diabetes.

And how you too can take advantage today and begin to see yourself bounce back to the life you had before diabetes came.

And it just doesn’t matter the stage that you’re in or how many years you’ve had this diabetes.

With this system, You can begin to…

But just before I let the cat out of the bag, I know you may want to ask

At What Stage Do I Know I Have Beaten Diabetes?

Well, Let’s hear what a Professor at Harvard School of Public Health (Dr Chan) have to say about this.

Also an Expert at Joslin Medical Centre once said

And of course the leading diabetes care centre in The U.K have this to say…

Now, Before We Go Any Further, Think About This.

Imagine that you are at that place where…

You no longer have to take daily insulin injections…ever

Pierce your skin for daily sugar tests.

Eat your favorite food,

Drink your favorite wines without any worries

Start saving up again to start or finish that house or project or even get yourself something nice.

Just imagine…

Never having to worry about spending hundreds of thousands or even millions just to keep managing your condition again.

Think of how happy you will finally be to have your life back and shame the people silently praying for your death.

Imagine saving your family the stress, financial burden, and pain of taking care of you once and for all.

Just think about being YOU again…finally and forgetting about those…

That’s what I am offering you inside…

…These 5 Simple Systems We Have Used Overtime To Help Our Patients Beat Diabetes.

And How It Will Help You As-well.


Admitting You Into Our Diabetes Treatment Platform

This is where the grand work will be done for you.

Here, You’ll have One on One Access to Experts,

Who shall understand your level of diabetes,

How long you’ve had this diabetes,

The highest readings you’ve recorded for the past 1 month,

The most critical complications you’ve been experiencing so far,

Your dependency level on insulin (i.e If you had started using insulin) and the safest systems for gradual insulin withdrawal.

Also Here questions Around Food Like:

—Can I eat Rice,

—Can I take Alcohol?

—How About Fried Chicken?

—Which Of These Rice Is Good For Me?

This way, You’d never be alone.

And you’d never do anything that would make your sugar rise.

And if you are looking at beating diabetes,

Having Experts by your side to ask daily questions about what’s happening in your body is KEY.

Experts you can ask about the right food for you

Experts you can reach if you notice any strange thing in your body especially if you’re someone that pass through stress daily.

This way, you quickly get answers and know if you’re on track or not.

And we won’t stop there.


The NivelMor Diabetic Fast- Healer Tea

Taking this Tea does 3 things to your body:

Firstly, Resets your body to its original shape:

This Tea Acts like an Insulin to remove Excess Sugar From Your Body this way, your sugar level begins to come down drastically (And it’s only side effect is low sugar) Reason you have experts to monitor you so it won’t go so low.

And Secondly, Heal your pancreas:

This will enable your body to produce insulin on its own again, naturally. This way, you can now get off the tea because your body is now working normally again.

And Thirdly, Replenish your body with the Nutrients Diabetes have made you lose

So you can get your body system back to the way it was before Diabetes Came In.

This way,

—You’ll start noticing clearer visions again,

—And you’re able to have a good reproductive health because your body is now back to normal

—You’ll also begin to notice that you’re no longer getting tired easily and feeling weakness the way you use to again,

—And you’re also not running the toilet to urinate more frequently again. and lots more.

That’s because – Your System Is Gradually Resetting Back To Its Original Shape.

And here are few wonders the Nivelmor Fast-Healer Tea does.

Different People, Amazing results.

There are still systems 3, 4, and 5.

And imagine what will now happen after deploying all the other systems.

Now let’s proceed to the next system.

     SYSTEM 3

 Simple Exercise Patterns That Highly Impacts on Blood Sugar

Now let me ask you…

As a diabetic what do you know about exercises that help you stay energic all year?

Am not talking about those strenuous exercises that you only do once in a while because it is tiring.

But I mean simple 5 minutes exercise patterns that are highly effective for diabetics.

The exercise patterns here help trigger the hormone that allows cells in your body to use blood sugar for energy.

Following this guide will help lower your blood sugar levels and also lowers your risk of heart disease and nerve damage. 

Now, before I tell you about the other remaining systems. 

I want to ask you an honest question.

Are you aware that a lot of people don’t know how you truly feel?

They think you’re fine but deep down you’re




And just want all these to go once and for all and have your life back again.

And that is why I’m sharing this with you today.

So you can Stop depending on expensive Insulin and medications to live,

And avert the risk of going blind or losing your legs

And stop putting stress and anxiety on your loved ones and put shame on those who pray for your death.


The Ancient Guide For Better Reproductive Health

A recent study proves that over 80% of men with diabetes are terrible performers and don’t go past 5 mins

This guide will help you know how best to enjoy it (I trust you to know what I mean 😀) and be the man you were before diabetes came.

And lastly, This is one of the most important systems.


Physical FREE Check Ups & Consultation

Because we understand the severity of diabetes,

Therefore, as part of your treatment benefits, we’ll schedule a convenient day for you to come to meet us one-on-one.

And Conduct Free Check-Ups & Follow-ups For You.

This Way, 

We can observe you and ensure you’re responding well and finally advise you further on your general well-being on this journey and be able to tell you when you can get off treatments as well.

…And This System of Diabetes Treatment Is Considered by Over 9 Health Organisations to be the ONLY, Safest and Most Effective System Recorded So Far To Beat Diabetes.

And just like Mr Philip Amadi, you don’t have to keep spending money on things that won’t help you.

So How Much Does Your Treatment Package Cost?

Before I show you how much our treatment package costs,

There’s something about Diabetes I want to point to you 

You see, one thing I’ve noticed over the years about Diabetes is that…

The longer you have it, the more the compilation it begins to lead into.

According to world largest health publication:

Untreated Diabetes over a period of time  can take a toll on nearly every organ in your body, including your…

—Heart and blood vessels




—Gastrointestinal tract

—Gums and teeth

And what’s even tricky is that these complications happen slowly over time without you noticing.

That’s why if you’re already experiencing things like

Then You need to take action FAST.

Before it slowly damages other organs in your body and makes your system vulnerable to more complications and diseases to creep in.

That’s why today, I want to give you the opportunity to get our Diabetes Treatment Package for half the price.

And you can decide to start with any of the treatment packages depending on how long you’ve had this diabetes and how fast you want to eliminate it entirely from your body.

Just N106 Per Day

To Save Yourself The Stress And Frustration of Diabetes.

I know you spend more than that a day on things that make less impact on your health.

But Today, You can decide today to invest that token in your health and you can be on your journey to beating diabetes once and for all.

And shame those who laugh you inside and wish you death.

Because they don’t know the discomfort you feel within you.

And think you’re just wasting your money.

N106 × 365 is just N38,690.

Is that what you can’t spend to live?

To end the emotional, financial and mental stress you pass through?

It’s all on you now to decide what is more important to you right now

It’s up to you.

But to you that have decided to go ahead with me…

…I Have A Special Bonus For You At Zero Cost.

As a diabetic, what to eat and how is usually a nightmare, especially when it comes to choosing the right swallow that won’t spike your blood sugar;

Especially with the fact that you can’t Eat Wheat, Semo, fufu, or even Garri (to some extent) as it can easily spike the blood sugar.

This is where the Foniovita Diabetes Meal Can help you begin to enjoy your favorite soups…

…without having to worry if it will spike your blood sugar as it contains a lot of fiber that helps aid the release of insulin.

For Today, You Will Get it for FREE when you join.

And it’s easy to secure your spot.

All you have to do is click on the button below and follow the easy instructions.

—I have shown you The 5 simple ways to beat diabetes and live a normal life again and enjoy your Now and your Old age as well.

—I have also shown you medical proof that backs that this system works and how it will work for you too.

—You’ve seen people like you who had diabetes many years, beat theirs few months following this system.

—You’ve also seen how We’ve used this treatment approach to help people all over the world live extra years.

The choice is yours,

You can decide to close this page today and continue in frustration and keep making your family members afraid each time you fall ill because they think diabetes has come to take your life.

Or you can take a step of faith today.


starter plan You get;




1 month Treatment Plan You get;




2 months Treatment Plan You get;




3 months Treatment Plan You get;




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