The Secret Of The Oldest Diabetic Man To Ever Live And How He Beat Diabetes For 85 Years Straight.


“Even to his last breath his blood sugar was normal”


The man you’re about to discover today is Bob Krause

He was born in Syracuse, New York in the country of America.

At the age of five, he was diagnosed with diabetes (as a result of his family genetics.)

And was told he wouldn’t leave up to 30 years old before he goes 6 feet under the ground.

85 years later,

Medical Experts are still stunned about how Bob Krause beat diabetes…

And lived up till 90 years old without any complications – before passing away to glory in 2012.

In fact, according to

And Joslin Diabetic Center says…

Or a leading diabetes management blog which says…

He got married, went on to have 2 children and see his 8 grandchildren.

And became a Professor of Engineering,

How on earth was a man diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 5 able to beat diabetes…

…and went to live for 90 years and still accomplish so great in life?

Today, after sitting with his exclusive 90th Birthday interview with Joslin Diabetic Centre USA, (The last he did before he went to glory)

I reveal the 3 Health Secrets he said he discovered that helped him;

This way, you too can take these 3 secrets today, and;

And be free of several diabetic complications like…

I understand.

And in the next one minute,

I’ll explain;

But before I begin,

Let me answer the Number 1 question I hear every time from each of my patients;


Well, Let’s hear what a Professor at Harvard School of Public Health (Dr Chan) have to say about this.

Or Experts at Joslin Medical Centre who said

And leading diabetes care center in The U.K which says…

Now, the question is:


—How do you stop all these piercings of your hands and have freedom?

—How do you stop eating the same stale foods all in the name of (You cannot eat this you cannot eat that)?

—And finally be able to use your money to do other important things than buying drugs every single month ( in order to stay alive)?

The truth is,

A lot of people don’t know how you truly feel 

They think you’re fine

But deep down, 

—You’re frustrated, 



And just want all these to go once and for all and have your life back again.

I understand how you feel.

It’s why I’m sharing this with you today.

So you can be a master and not a slave to diabetes again,

And stop putting stress and anxiety on your loved ones.

And put shame those who pray for your death.


🛑 It’s called THE 7 KEYS FACTORS

Let me explain…

In 2010, the American Heart Association (AHA) published an article, which they defined as “seven key factors” that determine whether a person will beat diabetes and live a normal life again.

According to this article, 

This 7 Key Factors are why some people end up losing their lives prematurely as a result of diabetes. 

But this cannot be you, because you know them.

Stress Status

You see as a diabetic, stress can cause your blood sugar levels to rise or fall.

According to research carried out by the University of Washington…

They found that people with type 2 diabetes who reported higher levels of stress constantly had their blood sugar fluctuating high today, low tomorrow…

…without getting to the normal range.

This is why you often experience frequent urination, increased thirst, and general weakness.

And if beating diabetes in 2023 and living a normal life again is something secretly desire,

Then, you’d need to control anything that increase your stress level

As you’ll see,

STRESS STATUS is just one of the 7 Key Factors that determine if you’ll beat diabetes or you’ll accept it for the rest of your life.

There’s also, 







For example, 


Increasing the portion of fiber in every meal you take helps result in a lower blood sugar level.

According to a study carried out by the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom they found that…

Diabetics who consume more fiber, particularly from fruits and vegetables, saw a reduction in fasting blood glucose levels every single time they came for a check-up.

This is why the level of fiber you consume is a key factor if you’ll beat diabetes.


There is an ideal cholesterol level a diabetic must have and maintain,

To avoid complications and beat diabetes.

It’s also the same for

—Blood pressure level

—Body Weight Status

—Physical Activity Status

—Alcohol Status.

And if you can put these 7 keys Factors in check,

You are one step closer to beating diabetes and living a normal life again.

Without sustaining your body with drugs.

And in the next one minute,

I’ll give you a system that helps you put these 7 Key Factors in check in your blood and know which one you need to improve on in your body 

So you stop having fluctuating sugar levels

And eventually, become medically confirmed to be diabetes free.

But first,

Let’s move to…



A Doctor that have track record in helping diabetic patient recover and live a normal life again.

Not a regular doctor in the hospital who is a generalist.

A specialist. 

Not just that,

The Diabetes Specialist must also be someone who you can easily reach when you have questions or experiencing strange things.

According to

Questions around food like;

—Can I eat Beans?

—Can I eat Fish?

—Can I take Alcohol ?

—How about Fried Chicken?

—Which of these RICE is good for me?

—How about TURKEY?

—Or which Bread is good for me etc.

This way, he was never alone.

And never did anything that would make his sugar level rise.

And if you are looking at beating diabetes  

Having specialists by your side to ask daily questions about what’s happening in your body is KEY.

Experts you can ask about the right food for you,

Experts you can reach if you notice any strange thing in your body especially as you grow older

This way, you quickly get answers and know if you’re fine

This is the second secret 

And in just a moment, I’ll show you how you can get FREE Access to Seasoned Diabetes Specialists who will monitor, guide one on one and also answer your questions just like Rob Krause had access to.

But first, 

Let’s go to…



Let me explain…

According to,

You see, for a lot of people, it is when you started noticing ants gathering around their urine that you started seeking medical help.

For some, it was after you noticed you couldn’t perform again in bed, you went for check up and discovered you have diabetes.

For others, it is after you noticed you are having frequent urination that you went for check up and discovered you have diabetes.

Due to this reason,

Before many are aware they have diabetes, 

The cells of the pancreas could have become permanently damaged so that they no longer produce insulin.

It’s at this point, where a natural supplement comes to the rescue.

To heal your pancreas so your body can begin to produce insulin on its own again…

And you’d finally get off that SUPPLEMENT in the short time.

This short time could be 21 Days, 30 Days or 40 days and some 6 months.

The variation in recovery time is depended on how long an individual has been diabetic and not control it.

For example,

Someone with Diabetes for over 5 years would recover slowly to someone with diabetes for 1 year

That’s because in the first person, the pancreas is more damaged and needs more healing time.

You now see why some recover faster than others, right?

And do you also see that – all you need to beat diabetes and shame all those who think is how you’ll end is just;

This is the holistic treatment Bob Krause had access to that helped him beat Diabetes For 85 years.

And live healthily to see his 8 grandchildren

And shame those who think he’d die early.

This is the exact Diabetic Healing System, 

We use it for our patients and every one of them gets to that point where they wake up to beat diabetes free after the treatment is done.

Different People,

Different Results.

And if this holistic treatment approach is something you want

So you don’t keep doing trial and error

And wasting your money buying different products

All in the name of which one will call

And you still haven’t gotten to that stage where the Doctor medically confirmed you’re diabetic free

Just like this our patients:

After being diagnosed 25yrs ago at Greenwich Hospital Texas, I never knew I would live again coupled with the fact that I lost my wife 2years later. But here I am today still living a normal life like I never had diabetes. All thanks to NH diabetes Platform
Kennedy Smith

Or Micheal From South Africa,

Or Mr Ayoola…

Or Mrs Fusi From South Africa

Diabetes thought I'd never smile again. But each day I remember how this Platform has transformed my boring life to a normal and happy one again, all I do is remain grateful to these people. I have been following their guidance and that is exactly what everyone with diabetes needs.
Mrs Fusi
South Africa

Or Mr Victor from Lagos

I’D Like To Give You A Trial Of Our Diabetes Treatment Package.

This is where we combine these 3 secrets which are;

To provide a holistic treatment to help you beat diabetes and have your sugar level in control.


The first thing you’d get in this Treatment Package is…

Our Nivel Mor Tea

Remember, secret 3 ( An effective natural supplement that heals your pancreas to begin to produce insulin again.)

This is what this Nivel Mor Tea Does.

It works with a Triple X System.

Let me explain.

The first thing it does for your body is to…

Second thing it does is to…

And the third thing it does is to…

This way,

—You’ll start noticing you no longer have blurring vision again,

—You’ll start noticing your performance in the bedroom which became poor due to diabetes is restored

—And you’re able to last longer ours because your body is now back to normal

—You’ll also begin to notice that you’re no longer getting tired easily and feeling weakness the way you use to again,

—And you’re also not running the toilet to urinate more frequently again.

That’s because – Nivel Mor Tea is now resetting your body to its original shape.

And the results from a patient taking this Nivel Mor Tea has been nothing but shocking

But this is just one part of the holistic treatment package.

Once you get this Nivel Mor Tea,

This is where you’ll have access One on one access to Specialized Diabetes Health Experts,

Who will monitor you, have one on one calls with you….

…and follow up at intervals to ensure you’re responding to the treatment and you’re taking them as you should.

Remember the story of Bob Krause who beat Diabetes because he had Specialized Health Experts working with him to ensure he was fine.

And we don’t just stop here.

Once you’re added into the Diabetes Treatment Platform,

You see, lots of people don’t know that there are certain vegetables and foods that are called blood sugar-crushing meals.

This meals help you to bring down your sugar level and keep it at normal as you’re eating them

Amazing thing is, these meals cost nothing more than N300 – N500 to prepare and can be found easily in your local market.

And YES, they are delicious – not those boring ones that make you look like you’re a slave.

In fact, here’s what some of these meals look like

And we don’t stop there,

You’d also be getting…

This way, you’d be able to control and have every treatment you’re getting show results.

But that’s not all…

During the course of the treatment, 

You’d also get…

Which means, we’ll schedule a day for you to come to our office,

And Conduct Free Check Ups & Follow -ups For You.

This Way, 

We can observe you, ensure you’re responding well and finally be able to tell you when you can get off treatments and live a normal life again.

Again, as you already know, you just need 3 Things To Beat Diabetes.

Again, as you already know, you just need 3 Things To Beat Diabetes.

And this is what exact system we are giving you today, once you place your order

So How Much Does Our Treatment PACKAGE Cost?

Before I show you how much our treatment package cost,

There’s something about Diabetes I want to point to you 

You see, one thing I’ve noticed over the years about Diabetes is that…

  • The longer you have it, the more the compilation it begins to lead into.

According to world largest health publication,

Untreated Diabetes over a period of time  can take a toll on nearly every organ in your body, including your:

Heart and blood vessels




Gastrointestinal tract

Gums and teeth

And what’s even tricky is that these complications happen slowly over time without you noticing.

That’s why if you’re already experiencing things like

You need to take action FAST.

Before it slowly damages other organs in your body and render you useless.

That’s why today, I want to give you the opportunity to get our Diabetes Treatment Package for half the price.

You see, for just a one-time investment of:

N32,500, you can get access to 2 Packs Of The Nivel Mor Supplement Tea

N52,500, you can get access to 4 Packs Of The Nivel Mor Supplement Tea

N68,500, you can get access to 6 Packs Of The Nivel Mor Supplement Tea

N78,500, you can get access to 8 Packs Of The Nivel Mor Supplement Tea

Which is the treatment supplement we use to heal your pancreas back to start producing insulin on its own again.

Plus access to our entire Holistic Treatment

Which Includes;

Just N90 Per Day To Beat Diabetes.

32,500/365 Days = N90.

I know you spend more than N90 a day on things that make less impact on your health like recharges.

What I am asking you to do now is to spend just N90 on yourself per day, you can be on your journey to beating diabetes permanently.

And shame those who laugh each time you buy a new product

Because they don’t know the discomfort you feel within you.

And think you’re just wasting your money.

N90 × 365 is just N32,500.

Is that what you can’t spend to live?

To end the emotional, financial and physical stress you pass through?

It’s all on you now to decide whether buying recharge is more important to you.

It’s up to you.

But to you that have decided to go ahead with me 

It’s easy to order. 

All you have to do is click on the button below and follow the easy instructions.

One more thing, 

In the last 5 years of deploying this holistic system to diabetics,

I’ve seen that often it takes at least 3 rounds of using the Nivel Mor Supplement Tea Before They Are able to beat Diabetes fully.

And that’s because of what I mentioned to you earlier.

Which is that – 

Someone with Diabetes for over 3 years would take more time to fully recover compared  to someone with diabetes for 1 year

That’s because in the first person, the pancreas is more damaged and needs more healing time.

For this reason,

I’ve added some discounts for people who want to buy more than 2 Nivel Mor Teas at once.

N52,500, you can get access to 4 Packs Of The Nivel Mor Supplement Tea

N68,500, you can get access to 6 Packs Of The Nivel Mor Supplement Tea

N78,500, you can get access to 8 Packs Of The Nivel Mor Supplement Tea

However, you can start with any plan and spread the rest (at least by which time you must have seen your blood sugar drop drastically and your body system returns back to how it was before Diabetes surfaced.

I have shown you the holistic way to beat diabetes and live a normal life again

I have shown you medical proof that back that this system works

You’ve seen people like you who had diabetes 7 years, and beat their few months following this system

You’ve also seen his Bob Krause used this holistic treatment system to live extra 85 years old.

The choice is yours,

You can decide to close this page today and continue in frustration and keep making your family members afraid each time you fall ill because they think diabetes have come to take your life.

Or you can take a step of faith today

The choice is yours.

Select Your  Treatment Plan And Join Us Today!


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Normal Price: N49,500



Get 4 of The Diabetes Nivelmor Pack (save 20%)


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BUY 8 of The Diabetes NivelMor Pack (save 60%)


Normal Price N115,000


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And To Remove The Pressure From You Today

I’ve Decided To Add My Extra Ordinary Money Back Guarantee.

You see, I’m so confident – your sugar will drop drastically once you order our Treatment Package and begin to do everything we will ask you to do

…and that you’d see the changes in your body yourself that I’ve decided to put all the risk on myself.

Start with any of the packages and if after 60 Days,

You Didn’t See Your Sugar Level Drop Drastically

And See Your Body Becoming Normal Again

I want you to ask for a refund.

I’ll send you the money you paid in full and even let you keep any of the treatment products still at your custody.

That’s right.

I’m SURE you’ll get results that’s why I’m going the extra mile to carry all the risk.

All you have to do is click on the button below and follow the easy instructions

But I can’t force you.

You’re an adult – choose what’s best for you.

Need More Reason to order Now?

Below Are Other Testimonials.

Overtime I've come to understand that only professionals can handle diabetes. Because everything becomes literally easy for you to live a normal life. As I sit everyday and don't bother about my blood sugar spiking is the work of NH Diabetes Treatment System and kudos to them.
Mr Jeremiah
Diabetes is never a joke. I belong here to save my life and never run out of support and guidance. My 3rd month and I eat most things I never ate for 3years.

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