For Breastfeeding Mothers With A Child Less Than 1 Years Old…

Join Us For The “7 days 3:10 Pound” Challenge…

And Naturally Lose 10 Pounds Off The Belly Fat You Gained During Pregnancy FAST In 7 Short Days & Get Your Belly To How It Was Before Pregnancy Came In 

Please Note : This Challenge is for breastfeeding mothers with a child not more than 1 years old.

From The Table of Linda Chikaodi

Licensed Alternative Medicine Doctor & Nutritionist Dietitian.

Take a look at the image below…


A Natural Plant. But not just anyhow plant

First, it’s a plant that is easily accessible in any market,

Second, this particular plant contains something called Alkaloids.

Alkaloids empower your body to burn off the belly fats gained during pregnancy…

… and make your tummy feel flat like you never gave birth to a child before, even if this is your 7th child birth.

Leading health publication, HEALTH LINE says…


While ( Allen Research says)

And (Health Institute says)

Once you understand how to prepare this natural plant that cost not more N150 in the market

You too have your tummy return to its normal shape,

Without you looking like there’s another baby in your tummy.

Just like…

And as you’ll see…

The natural plant works for you whether you gave birth through CS,

Or you’re an ulcer 

So no alarm.

And in just a moment, 

I’ll show you how to get the name of this natural plant,

And get detailed steps of how to prepare it 

As well as the right proportion to take each day.

But first, 

Take a look at this familiar image below.


YES,  it looks like OKRO,

But it’s NOT.

According to a research from;


Here are three main things that make this plant the GO – TO for mothers who want to get rid of the extra belly fat gained during pregnancy.

What’s even interesting is that…

This natural plant cost no more than N250 in the market.

And is readily available in your market once you know the name.

These are some of the natural secrets we reveal  in the “The 7 days 3:10 Pound” Challenge

And postpartum mothers, watch themselves lose  10 Pounds Off Their Belly In Just 7 Days 

And get the right knowledge to take their BELLY Back in its original Shape even after the challenge.

Take a look at it yourself :


Just Natural Plants & Fruits You Can Find Around You…

And what you’ll be discovering in the…

" 7 Days 3:10 Pound" Challenge.

And if you’ve read up to this point,

I’d like to invite you to join us for the next 7 Days 3:10 Pound” Challenge.

THE NEXT " 7 Days 3:10 Pound" Challenge" Starts On 26th Feb.

And for 7 Solid Days

I and my team of Acclaimed health experts show you how to naturally lose 10 pounds off the belly fat gained during pregnancy in just 7 days using Our RE2D Proprietary Framework 

This RE2D Proprietary is the first and only custom framework ever designed that helps you 

Obviously, this won’t happen by magic

And all your belly Fats won’t shrink  in just 7 SHORT DAYS.

No, I know you are a responsible person and I Won’t dare lie to your face.

But here’s my promise:

As long as you follow everything we’ll be showing you in this  “7 Days 3:10 Pound Challenge” to the tooth…

This Challenge costs N5,150  to join.

This covers your materials during this challenge (more info on this below).

With the results you’ve seen we’ve recorded using our RE2D Proprietary Framework

We could easily charge you N50,000

Probably even N100,000 or more

And still have people flooding in because the RESULTS speaks for it itself


As long as you can see this page, 




But you get access to all this for just N5,350

Once you join the 7 Days 3:10 Pound Challenge

Need More Information Before You Make Your Decision…?

Let Me Break Down All The Awesome Stuff You’ll Get When You Join The Challenge Today!

DAY 1 :

The” P99X Pregnancy Conspiracy” That Resist Your Body From Going Back To Your Original Shape After Delivery ​

Now, Pay Attention…

In the last 6 years of working with mothers who want to get back their original shape and look HOT again after delivery,

The P99X Pregnancy Conspiracy is one thing I’ve seen they were not aware of during pregnancy 

This is why they find it difficult to get their original body back after delivery – even after trying lots of stuff.

And that’s why on this DAY 1

I’ll expose you The P99X Pregnancy Conspiracy

And even though you’re now seeing the effect play out in your body now that you’ve delivered (the extra weight gained)

I’ll give one simple RECIPE you can prepare right away and drink,

To begin to put your body in the right metabolic state

This way, you can return to your original shape.

But I must warn you now

This simple RECIPE must be taken only on an empty stomach.

That is…

Either you take it very early in the morning…

Or 2 hours after a meal at night.

Understood, right?


You’ll get more details in the DAY 1 of this challenge 

But we’re just getting started:

DAY 2 :

The PostPartum Mindset: Learn the Secrets, Feel Great and Get Back To Your Original Shape.​

Now, apart from the recipe you’ll be drinking on DAY 1.

There’s something you need to know

To ensure you have a lasting result and not go back to the big belly again…

Even after having another child.

It’s called the Postpartum Mindset

It’s the difference between mothers who get their original pre pregnancy body back and does who don’t

And remain with big tummy & plummy for the rest of their lives.

In fact, 87% percent of women I’ve come across all lack this mindset.

Learn the Secrets,  Practice it  And  Get Your Original Shape Back .

This is just a tip of the iceberg…


How To Trick Your Body Metabolism System To Shrink Off Extra Weight Gained During Pregnancy On Steroids.​

Now, there’s great news….

Two amazing things will happen on this DAY 3…

First, I’ll show you a concept called Metabolism Explosion…

And how You Can Use This Understanding…

…To  Trick Your Body To Shrink Off Your Belly Fat For You.

But that’s not all…

Also, on This DAY 3, 

I’ll show you how to prepare a special kind of DRINK…

This works in harmony with your body metabolic system…

To clean out excess FAT and healthily bring out your original pre pregnancy shape.

Like you never ever carried a pregnancy.

DAY 4: Postpartum Body Recovery Inhibitors​

Have you ever wondered why most of the things you’ve tried in the past didn’t work?

Or give you lasting results?

Then, don’t miss this DAY 4.

Also, on this DAY 4,

I’ll give you a simple DRINK recipe that does wonders to the stomach.

But wait. You have seen nothing yet…

DAY 5 :


And while we are it,

You’d discover that there’s no need for strenuous exercise in the gym like you’re preparing for a boxing match.

No need for foods that are unappealing and like you’re in bondage.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

THIS DAY 5 will open your eyes…

You’d discover cheap and sweet foods that you can find in your environment…

But are powerful Big Belly Tummy Crushers and

Helps Gets Your Original Body Shape Back 

Full Details on  DAY 5.

That’s correct, we still have 2 more days to go ..

DAY 6 :


And as you may have noticed…

I said SOFT PARLOR Activities.

That means…there’s no need to stress yourself in the GYM because you want to make your belly fat FLAT.

Just follow this SIX Soft Parlor Activities

And you’re good to go

As you’ll see…

You could do even engage in this soft parlor activities

With cool upbeat music.

And we don’t stop there…

DAY 7 :

The Weird 13 – WORD Secret To Building Consistency and Sustaining The Extra Weight Shed​

I know you’re excited already…

But first,

I want you to picture how you’d look when your belly doesn’t look like you were once pregnant…

Picture how you’d look when you’re back to your original pre pregnancy shape…

How your friends will be asking you to show them the way because their belly still looks like they are pregnant and yours is not.

Or how your husband will stop belly shaming you when you dress up.

And you’ll be able to feel light and confident in yourself and beauty 

Without feeling like motherhood took away all your beauty and youthful attractiveness.

Just like Temi Oladele from Abuja who said before she added the challenge, she use to…

But now, she’s now……

Or Gift A from Lagos who said…

Or Pamela from Osun state who said.

And you  have a rare opportunity to experience these results yourself, today.

And regain your beauty which child bearing took from you  when you join this  7 Days 3:10 Pound ` Challenge”

That’s right for just N5,350

Less Than N760 Every Day .

Cheaper than a plate of meal at Chicken Republic 

And you can take this opportunity today and share your story in the next 7 days like one of these women,

Now, it’s time for a decision.

The way I see it, you have 3 options

Option 1:

Do absolutely Nothing and Keep Enduring  People look you in a way that points attention to your belly

Or ask you if you’re still pregnant.

The choice is yours.

But if you’d like to look like you never carried a baby in tummy and take control of your body again,

Option 2 :

You can go find out all these natural methods yourself,

Maybe you might pull it off

Option 3 :

Let me do the heavy lifting for you.

Join The 7 Days 3:10 Pound” Challenge” 

Access All The Challenge Materials

And drink from my 5 years experience in helping mothers get back to their original shape after delivery.

The choice is yours. Decide rightly.


Can I join this challenge if I delivered through CS?

Great Question. Yes, every recipe used during this challenge was carefully selected to be safe for women who delivered through CS. Infact, two of the recipes actually help in the healing process for women who delivered with CS.

Can I join this challenge if I have an ulcer?

Great Question! The recipes and natural methods used during this challenge have been over time not to stir up ulcers. In fact, they have to neutralize the pain and helps the healing process.

Can I join this challenge if I’m still breastfeeding?

Yes, this challenge is for mothers who are either breastfeeding or with a child not more than 2 years.

My baby is 5 days old, can I join this challenge?

Yes. Every natural recipe was carefully selected and approved by our medical team so as not to cause any complications in mothers with a newborn child.

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